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Smart Delivery

Smart Delivery

An intelligent communication platform with the ability to communicate with potential customers through any available channel: SMS, messengers, push notifications for mobile apps, etc. The advantage of this solution is that it integrates seamlessly into current business-to-customer communications connections and significantly reduces communication overheads by delivering messages primarily through cheaper channels.

The platform allows you to build sequences of different channels (sms, Viber, push) to minimize the cost of each communication. Due to this, you can save 20-30% on the entire amount of business communications with customers.

We configure the way of routing messages; when sending SMS, the system takes into account the routing parameters and tries to deliver the message to the recipient in the specified channels in the specified sequence, working out all settings of timeouts and statuses returned by media.


For example, messages are sent to the push channel first. If the recipient has no application or the push message is not delivered, the system sends the message through the Viber channel. If the recipient has no Viber or the message is not delivered within the specified time period, the message is sent through the SMS channel. The final sending status is transmitted to the business customer in a standard way.


Thus, some of the messages were delivered via Push, some of the messages were delivered via Viber, and the rest of the messages were delivered via SMS.

Because the cost of delivery to the push channel is free for businesses, and Viber is much cheaper than SMS, the savings come out to 30% of the mailing budget.

With the explosive growth of messengers, their business opportunities are becoming more prominent and demand after every day, but at the moment, there are only a few channels that present really serious opportunities.


Standard proven channel allows you to send text messages / receive feedback using your phone number as an identifier. It is possible to send a message to any subscriber in compliance with advertising and communication laws. Integrated with SmartDelivery.


Messenger, a legitimate opportunity for businesses to send messages / receive feedback for free in a branded channel, using the phone number as the identifier. It is possible to send a message to any user of the service. Integrated into SmartDelivery.


Push notifications to their apps for the iOS or Android mobile platform. Businesses can send messages to their subscribers using the app and device tokens as identifiers. Integrated into SmartDelivery.


Messenger is currently officially only allowed to communicate between subscribers. Any mass communication will result in blocking the sender. The release of a service for businesses has been announced in development.


Social network messenger allows you to send messages/receive feedback from the public administrator using your VK account as an identifier. It is possible to send messages only to subscribers subscribed to the public. Has a channel speed limit.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a social networking service that allows a page administrator to send messages/receive feedback using their Facebook account as an identifier. There is an option to send messages only to subscribers subscribed to the community. A reasonably strict restriction policy on the content of communications.

The Smart Delivery platform can be accessed via a personal account on the website or API (SMPP / HTTP / SOAP ) and can also be custom integrated with the customer's business systems.

To connect to the Smart Delivery platform and test the features, send a connection request, and we'll get back to you.

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